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Let The World Know You Are A Professional GSD Breeder

Let The World Know You Are A Professional GSD Breeder
Men's Ultra Cotton German Shepherd Breeder Sleeveless T-Shirt
The Gildan Ultra Cotton Sleeveless T-Shirt is perfect for your decoration, your style, and your comfort. Wear it on hot summer days or during your next workout. The double-needle bottom hem helps it maintain its shape and gives it added durability.
About the Design
Design Your Own German Shepherd Breeder Mens Sleeveless Shirt
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K-9 Harnesses

K9 Harness
" POLICE K-9 UNIT " - Embroidered K-9 Dog Shirt
DT Works Harness, Military-K9, Black/White

German Shepherd Toys at

German Shepherd Dogs are very nice and social animals. They like being in the center of attention and give all their love to their master. Yet, they need to receive the same affection and care back. In order to show your furry friend how much you love him and care about him you should dedicate some time only for him. Dogs love to play games, so you should spend some times playing specific games with your companion.
There are several reasons why you should play with your German Shepherd dog. The first one is because you will strengthen your relationship even more and will become better friends. Dogs, just as children, like to play a lot. Thus, if you want to gain their friendship you should play with them until they get tired.
Also, by playing specific games you can train your German Shepherd dog, without one or the other being aware of this. By making your dog play by some specific rules you teach him that you are the master and the he should always listen to you. If your German Shepherd dog is shy or lacks confidence in your or even in himself, games are very efficient when you want to make him go out of his shell. He will become more friendly and more active once you will play together for several times.
For a hyperactive German Shepherd dog, games are the right way to get rid of all that energy, while for fat dogs it will be a very good way of burning some of the fats he has had for meal. Do not forget that dogs are predators by birth, so they can become aggressive if they do not burn all that energy. Games which simulate some kind of fights or in which they get to be the predators will exhaust these feared instincts. Thus you diminish significantly the risk of being attacked by your own dog.
You can play with your German Shepherd dog after he has done a good thing, something you are proud of. He will perceive the time you give him as a strong reward for what he did and he will probably try to do that again, just to impress you and make you play more with him.
German Shepherd Dogs have similar needs to those of children, so whenever you have the time, play with your dog! You have a lot of reasons to do that!
German Shepherd Dogs need exercise and training constantly. The best method of reward is play rewards using German Shepherd Dog training toys and Schutzhund Toys, dog Balls and dog Tugs.

KONG Ball Dog Toy 
KONG Ball Dog Toy

KONG Rubber Flyer Dog Toy
Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Woof Ball

German Shepherd Customer and Personal GIFTS

Find gifts and unique gift ideas for your German Shepherd Dog owner, german shepherd dog breeder or your German Shepherd Dog kennel.  At we search the web to bring you great quality German Shepherd Dog gift ideas.
Pangea Brands 2-Slice German Shepherd Emblazing Toaster
Pangea Brands 2-Slice German Shepherd Emblazing Toaster 
Sterling Silver German Shepherd Dog Pendant Charm 
Sterling Silver German Shepherd Dog Pendant Charm
GERMAN SHEPHERD Street Sign collectable dog lover

German Shepherd Summer Season Welcome Dog Sign 
German Shepherd Keychain 
German Shepherd Keychain
White German Shepherd Keychain

German Shepherd Books

Knowing how to read your German Shepherd dog's body language is the key to understanding your dog, assessing her attitude, and predicting her next move. Because dogs are non-verbal - their body language does the talking for them. Vocalization actually takes second place to a dog's body language. Once you learn these basic types of dog body language, spend some time observing dogs interacting with people and other animals in various situations. Understanding of dog body language can also help protect you and your dog from dangerous situations as well as aid in training or identification of common behavior problems.


The confident German Shepherd dog stands straight and tall with her head held high, ears perked up, and eyes bright. Her mouth may be slightly open but is relaxed. Her tail may sway gently, curl loosely or hang in a relaxed position. She is friendly, non-threatening and at ease with her surroundings.


A happy German Shepherd dog will show the same signs as a confident dog. In addition, she will usually wag her tail and sometimes hold her mouth open more or even pant mildly. She appears even more friendly and content than the confident dog, with no signs of anxiety.


A playful German Shepherd dog is happy and excited. Her ears are up, eyes are bright, and tail wags rapidly. She may jump and run around with glee. Often, a playful dog will exhibit the play bow: front legs stretched forward, head straight ahead, rear end up in the air and possibly wiggling. This is most certainly an invitation to play!


A submissive German Shepherd dog holds her head down, ears down flat and averts her eyes. Her tail is low and may sway slightly, but is not tucked. She may roll on her back and expose her belly. A submissive dog may also also nuzzle or lick the other dog or person to further display passive intent. Sometimes, she will sniff the ground or otherwise divert her attention to show that she does not want to cause any trouble. A submissive dog is meek, gentle and non-threatening.


The anxious German Shepherd dog may act somewhat submissive, but often holds her ears partially back and her neck stretched out. She stands in a very tense posture and sometimes shudders. Often, an anxious dog whimpers, moans, yawns and/or licks her lips. Her tail is low and may be tucked. She may show the whites of her eyes, something called whale eye An anxious dog may overreact to stimulus and can become fearful or even aggressive. If you are familiar with the dog, you may try to divert her attention to something more pleasant. However, be cautious - do not provoke her or try to soothe her.


The fearful German Shepherd dog combines submissive and anxious attitudes with more extreme signals. She stands tense, but is very low to the ground. Her ears are flat back and her eyes are narrowed and averted. Her tail is between her legs and she typically trembles. A fearful dog often whines or growls and might even bare her teeth in defense. She may also urinate or defecate. A fearful dog can turn aggressive quickly if she senses a threat. Do not try to reassure the anxious dog, but remove yourself from the situation calmly. If you are the owner, be confident and strong, but do not comfort or punish your dog. Try to move her to a less threatening, more familiar location.


A dominant German Shepherd dog will try to assert herself over other dogs and sometimes people. She stands tall and confident and may lean a bit forward. Her eyes are wide and she makes direct eye contact with the other dog or person. Her ears are up and alert, and the hair on her back may stand on edge. She may growl lowly. Her demeanor appears less friendly and possibly threatening. If the behavior is directed at dog that submits, there is little concern. If the other dog also tries to be dominant, a fight may break out. A dog that directs dominant behavior towards people can pose a serious threat. Do not make eye contact and slowly try to leave. If your dog exhibits this behavior towards people, behavior modification is necessary.


An aggressive German Shepherd dog goes far beyond dominant. All feet are firmly planted on the ground in a territorial manner, and she may lunge forward. Her ears are pinned back, head is straight ahead, and eyes are narrowed but piercing. Her tail is straight, held up high, and may even be wagging. She bares her teeth, snaps her jaw and growls or barks threateningly. The hairs along her back stand on edge. If you are near a dog showing these signs it is very important to get away carefully. Do not run. Do not make eye contact with the dog. Do not show fear. Slowly back away to safety. If your own dog becomes aggressive, seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer to learn the proper way to correct the behavior. Dogs with aggressive behavior should never be used for breeding.
The Dog\\\'s Mind: Understanding Your Dog\\\'s Behavior (Howell Reference Books) [Paperback]

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Quality German Shepherds - Arkansas

Quality German Shepherds
I am a small scale breeder that only breeds a select number of carefully planned litters per year. I own my own business and my shepherds are my hobby and family. I also have 13 grandchildren that spend alot of time with me and my dogs.
I currently have 8 shepherds for breeding, all I have handpicked, purchased and raised since they were puppies. I picked the very best of this breed so that I can pass their good qualities on. They are all quality German Shepherds that are within the GSD breed standard. They are from good bloodlines, but not champion bloodlines, even though I have produced some pups that I feel were champion material. I take alot of pride in my dogs and want everyone to have a great shepherd experience, whether you get a pup from me or someone else, shepherds are AWESOME!

Leberhine German Shepherd Dogs - South Australia

Leberhine German Shepherd Dogs - South Australia
Leberhine Kennels was established in 1971 by Hugh and June Garvican.  Leberhine was thrown into an haitus by the death of June  on February 9th 1994.  Some years later, Christine Garvican became the matriarch.  Robert and Dawn Evans became part of Leberhine in 2004 due to family circumstances.  Prior to this involvement with Leberhine they exhibited and bred under the 'Rhinemann' prefix. 
Throughout the decades we at Leberhine, have consistenly bred, owned and imported top quality animals. "We breed for quality not quantity".  In the past 40 years we have bred less than 300 puppies .  We not only breed to improve Leberhine bloodstock but also 'to enhance and advance the German Shepherd breed in Australia'.  We achieve excellent results in both conformation and obedience.

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Sterling Silver German Shepherd Dog Pendant Charm

  • Need a chain for this pendant? Search 'Sac Silver Sterling Silver German Shepherd Dog Pendant Charm 925'
  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • Nickel-Free
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • New
All our silver jewelry is crafted from .925 silver also commonly referred to as sterling silver. Sterling silver is the standard for beautiful high-quality silver jewelry and can not be replicated by lower priced silver plated jewelry. It is 92.5% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add strength and durability to stand the test of time. We promise superior service which includes fast and free shipping, great communication, and a full refund policy.

DT Works Harness, Guard Dog, Black/White

Angelic German Shepherds - Virginia

Angelic German Shepherds
We have been German Shepherd lovers for many, many years. They
are extremely loyal and can be trained to do everything from SAR,
Cadaver, Narcotics, Protection, etc... The list just goes on and on.
The best and most important thing is that a German Shepherd will be
your best friend for life. They are happy to be on the go with you or
sitting next to you while you watch your favorite television programs.
We appreciate all that this beautiful breed can offer.

We breed sound dogs with typical German shepherd temperaments.
Some of our dogs are over standard in size ( 100+ lbs ). We OFA (hip
& elbows)  all breeding dogs before they become part of the
breeding program. We also breed colors that, although part of the
history in the shepherd, are not always accepted by other breeders. I
love the saying "No Good Dog is a Bad Color". Having these unique
colors give us dogs that really stand out in a crowd yet still have the
sound temperament and structure we strive for in our program.

Our puppies are socialized daily and start vaccination/wormings
before leaving us. Please take a look around... We are looking
forward to hearing from you!