Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Triad K9 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Triad K9
We are a family-owned kennel located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We have specialized in breeding superior quality AKC German Shepherds for three generations. We have excellent facilities to provide our adults and puppies with the highest level of care. Our kennels are heated and cooled with superior indoor air quality in mind. We provide a maximum level of sanitation to ensure incredibly healthy German Shepherds. Our dogs are raised in a family environment, we feel it is important for each of our Shepherds to become a part of the family, for their benefit as well as ours. Our litters have been selectively chosen throughout the year to provide you with the best looking and quality Shepherds we have to offer. We specialize in breeding West German herding/show lines and DDR Czech Shepherds. We are committed to continuing the breed standard with healthy high quality genetics. Our German Shepherds have very deep and rich colors. They have excellent conformation and incredible drives. 
All of our males are very robust in color ranging from black and red to black and tan. They weigh in the range of 75 to 90 lbs. Our males are very dominate characters and are leaders, they never back down from a challenge. They have big strong heads with excellent bite grip. Our males have great muscle structure and excellent conformation. They have incredible drives and are very clear headed. We are also proud to offer a Stud Service to other breeders if requested. All customers will receive three mattings. If your female is coming into heat and you are looking to breed please feel free to call us with any questions or to schedule a breeding. We guarantee a pregnancy but we do have some requirements.

Requirements for Stud Service
Dam must have check - up visit with Bruccelosis testing done with record prior to breeding
Must have up-to-date shots
AKC registration papers
Current vaccinations must include: parvovirus, distemper, adenovirus, parafuenza and bordetella
 (shots must be administered within 6 months of breeding) 

Vintar AKC German Shepherds Arizona

Vintar AKC German Shepherds Arizona
Vintar German Shepherds are from the German work line (protection or working dogs)  My girls backgrounds go all the  way back to champion wins for shows in Germany. Drako is CGC Certified SDRA Registered and I plan on training Toby when he is older. My males will be out in public being trained for service. They all will eventually be trained in agility, search  and rescue or service dog.
We have moved to Buckeye, AZ off of I-10 and Jackrabbit. I will be set up the following year if not sooner for CGC training on the puppies if new owners are interested. Other training such as search and rescue and agility will be  available later on. I am still being trained on some of it.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Legend of Rin-Tin-Tin: America's Favorite Canine Hero DVD

  • One of the most recognized dogs of all time --The New York Times

    Product Description

    America's favorite canine hero can be found in this collection of movie serials from the Golden Age of Cinema. You'll marvel at the exploits of Rinty in these four classic serials from the 1930's as our hero saves the day with the aid of such co-stars as Kane Richmond, Frankie Darro, Bob Custer and Rex, King of the Wild Horses! Cliff-hanging thrills and nail-biting excitement can be found in this set of movie serials that have entertained generations of viewers, young and old alike! 

    Bonus: An original documentary about the several dogs that turned the name Rin Tin Tin into a true Hollywood franchise! 

    EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY Brand New featurette produced exclusively for this DVD collection!

    This very complete collection of all of Rin Tin Tin s adventures features 48 episodes.

    - The Adventures of Rex and Rinty - 12 Episodes - The Law of the Wild - 12 Episodes - The Lightning Warrior - 12 Episodes - The Lone Defender - 12 Episodes

    Made his first film in 1923 and was the world's biggest box-office draw by 1926.

    By 1926 was earning $6000 a week.
The Legend of Rin-Tin-Tin: America\\\\\\\'s Favorite Canine Hero DVD

"von Ghattas" - German Shepherds - Brazil

1978 - We acquired our first German Shepherd dog with pedigree, a black bitch from the Rio de Janeiro: "Danka von der Weisse Feder".
1984 - acquired Gely Ribeira Valley, and the following year, Nigeria Paraíba Valley. It was the beginning of our squad.
1986 - We recorded our first litter under the kennel name "Guarani War".
1987 - Nigeria Paraíba Valley won the SG3 (Jr B female) in Coapa, held in Santiago, Chile.
1988 - Panama is born of the Paraiba Valley, it would be winning the Brazilian championship the following year in BH.

1989 - acquired reproductive Nadia von Kisman, creating Argentina.
1992 - Fanta Guarani War, won their respective classes in the Brazilian Championship in Sao Paulo.
1993 - Our gray bitch, Nathalie Guarani War, win the Sieger in Curitiba, in the judgment of the creative director of SV-Germany: Mr. Ernest Beck.
1994 - Giselle Guarani War, became champion Brazilian senior in Brasilia, in the trial of Dr. Mario Dupin.

1997 - Wicy the Guarani War becomes vice Brazilian champion (Jr B female).
1997 - In the same year would bring to Brazil, the top producer Hero vom Wutachtal, full brother of Hella, mother of Sieger VA1 Rikkor Bad-Boll. Hero made ​​history in Brazilian creation, culminating in the conquest of Progeny Group of the Championship the following year.

Blow up the Kennel "von Ghattas."
More recent history, "Von Ghattas" emerged as the successor of the suffix "Guarani War".
There were new acquisitions to the roster including: Yullie Mönchberg (2001) and von Kleine Ybsy Hölzchen, SG 11 Karlsruhe (2002).
Since then, several titles were followed by:

Champion Latino Americano, Santiago - Chile: Irk von Ghattas.
VV1 (Brasilianer) Brand new Brazilian Sieger, Joinville: Issus von Ghattas.
SG1 (Brasilianer) Brazilian Junior Sieger, Joinville: Irus von Ghattas.
VA2 (Brasilianer) Senior Vice Siegerin Brazilian, Joinville: Fritzi von Ghattas

Brazilian Champion Senior Brasilia: Fritzi von Ghattas
Brazilian Junior Champion, Brasilia: Irk von Ghattas
SG2 (Brasilianer) Vice Sieger Young Holambra: Laius von Ghattas

VV1 (Brasilianer) Female Puppy Sieger, Atibaia: Valentini von Ghattas
VV1 (Brasilianer) Brand new A Male Sieger, Atibaia: Urko von Ghattas.
VV1 (Brasilianer) Sieger Novísssimo B Female, Atibaia: Saskia von Ghattas
SG1 (Brasilianer) Youth Male Sieger, Atibaia: The von Ghattas
VA3 (Brasilianer) Open Male, Atibaia: Issus von Ghattas

SG1 (Brasilianer) Siegerin The Junior Females, Rio de Janeiro: Ulli von Ghattas
SG1 (Brasilianer) Junior Sieger The males, Rio de Janeiro: Urko von Ghattas
SG1 (Brasilianer) Junior Sieger B Males, Rio de Janeiro: The von Ghattas
VA2 (Brasilianer) Vice Sieger Selected Male, Rio de Janeiro: Issus von Ghattas
Winner Group Bundessiegerschaw Brasilien Kennel: Von Ghattas
Winner Group Progenie Bundessiegerschaw Brasilianer: Issus von Ghattas
SG 73 JHK-H SV BUNDESSIEGERZUCHTSCHAU, Braunschweig: Saskia von Ghattas
SG-1 H LG JHK Jungendschau Ortsgruppe Dresden: Saskia von Ghattas

VA1 (Brasilianer) Selected Male, Atibaia: Issus von Ghattas
VA3 (Brasilianer) Selected Male, Atibaia: Laius von Gha t tas
Winner Group Bundessiegerschaw Brasiliner Kennel: Von Ghattas

VA4 (Argentinien) Selected Female, Buenos Aires: Utte von Ghattas
Winner Group Bundessiegerschaw Brasilianer Kennel: Von Ghattas
SG JK-1 H LG Zuchtschau Gundelfingen: Ijana von Ghattas
SG JK-1 H LG Zuchtschau Dürmentingen: Ijana von Ghattas
VA1 (Uruguay) Selected Male Sieger, Montevideo: Issus von Ghattas

VV1 (Argentinien) Novissimo B Female, Buenos Aires: Roman von Ghattas
Winner Group Bundessiegerschaw Brasilianer Kennel: Von Ghattas
VA3 (Brasilianer) Selected Female, Avare: Afrika von Ghattas
VA5 (Brasilianer) Selected the Mach, Avare: The von Ghattas
VA2 (Brasilianer) Selected Female, Holambra: Afrika von Ghattas
VA3 (Brasilianer) Selected Female, Holambra: Carmina von Ghattas
SG-1 H LG JHK Zuchtschau Reilingen: Ijana von Ghattas
SG-1 H LG JHK Zuchtschau Stammhein / Württ: Ijana von Ghattas
SG JK-1 H LG Zuchtschau Monte Ceneri: Roman von Ghattas
SG JK-1 H LG Zuchtschau Leingarten: Roman von Ghattas
SG 1 JK-H Siegerin BUNDESSIEGERZUCHTSCHAU SVO Österreich: Roman von Ghattas
GK-64 V H SV BUNDESSIEGERZUCHTSCHAU, Nuremberg: Ijana von G Hattas
SG 20 JK-H SV BUNDESSIEGERZUCHTSCHAU, Nuremberg: Roman von Ghattas
SG JK-1 H LG Zuchtschau Paderborn: Roman von Ghattas
Winner Group Bundessiegerschaw Brasilianer Kennel: Von Ghattas
VA3 (Brasilianer) Selected Female, Atibaia: Romola von Ghattas
VA1 (Siegerin Brasilianer) Selected Female, Atibaia: Ijana von Ghattas
SG1 (Young Sieger Brasilianer) Junior B Male, Atibaia: Vampeta von Ghattas
VV1 (Baby Siegerin Brasilianer) Brand new B Female, Atibaia: Zumba von Ghattas
SG1 (Young Sieger Brasilianer) Junior B Male, Holambra: Wallace von Ghattas
JHK SG1-H LG Zuchtschau Belheim: Roman von Ghattas
VA3 (Brasilianer) Selected Macho Holambra: Vampeta von Ghattas
VA5 (Brasilianer) Selected Female, Holambra: Ijana von Ghattas
SG1 Sieger BSZS Holland NWK-R: Dracula von Ghattas
SG34 BSZS JKL 2012-R: Dracula von Ghattas