Monday, March 31, 2014

Premier Dog Treat Pouch

  • Hinge stays fully open and closes with a touch
  • Divided inner pocket to separate treats
  • Front storage pocket has
  • easy-open flap for phone, bags, etc.
  • Daisy chain elastic loops for securing Lickety Stik®, SprayShield®, etc.

PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport

The Treat Pouch Sport is the perfect accessory for training sessions and trips to the dog park. Divided pockets that stay open make training with multiple treats a cinch. Multiple clips and loops let you attach your clicker, remote trainer, or any other training tool. The versatile pouch also features a front pocket for your keys, phone, etc. With its handy pockets and clips and the durable, waterproof, stain-resistant material, you’ll love having this handy training tool anywhere you and your dog go.


  • Hinge stays fully open and closes with a touch
  • Divided inner pocket to separate treats
  • Front storage pocket has easy-open flap for phone, bags, etc.
  • Daisy chain elastic loops for securing Lickety Stik, SprayShield, etc.
  • Carabineer for attaching Clik-R, keys, whistle, etc.
  • Belt clip and detachable/adjustable belt
  • Machine washable, cold cycle
  • Available in 3 colors: black, red, and blue

Available in black, red, and blue

Product Description

Belt clip and detachable/adjustable belt

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stephen Guard Dog Training Center and Stephen K-9 Academy - Malaysia

With nearly thirty years experience training D.O.D dogs and dog handlers in , Europe, Asia and the United States in the areas of protection, discipline, detection, law enforcement, assistance to individuals with limited mobility and in television and movie production and has trained ,handled decoyed, selected, and tested close to a hundred thousand dogs throughout his career in the field of service dog training .... with Stephen's Guard Dogs!"

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vom Fieldcrest German Shepherds

For the Ultimate in K9 Security for Business, Home, Family, and Women
Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

My name is Tom Brown. My family and I are the owners of Vom Fieldcrest Shepherds for over 35 years. Since its conception it has been our goal to provide the highest quality, most skillfully trained, extremely stable dogs for Family Protection Dogs, Home Protection Dogs, and Executive Protection Dogs available in the industry.
Why choose VFS for your Personal Protection Dog? For over 35 years we have been providing our customers with K9 Security Protection Dogs in order to guard your peace of mind and maintain a comforting sense of security for women, family, home, or business. You should consider a Family Protection Dog, Home K9 Security Dog, Executive Protection Dog, or a dog specifically trained as a Women’s K9 Security Protection Dog from our Personal Protection Dogs For Sale section on this site. Our dogs are also great companions and beloved pets.

Sunhaze Kennels NSW

Breeders of lovely natured, intelligent German Shepherds of show quality for Obedience and loving family pets.
Breeders of Australian Champion dogs as well as many specialty and National Class Winners.
All puppies bred are from generations of X-Rayed show animals.
*** In 2004 Sunhaze achieved the German Shepherd Dog Council of Aust  GOLD MEDAL for breeding soundness ****

Divon Kennels -Cavan, Ontario Canada

Divon Kennels
We breed German Shepherds of quality with calm temperaments that will excel in any environment. German Shepherds are our passion and it is important to us to maintain all the characteristics of a well rounded German Shepherd. We fell in love with German Shepherds a number of years ago, after getting the runt of a litter from a good friend of ours who has been breeding German Shepherds for many years. Not only was he an exceptionally good looking German Shepherd, but he had an amazing temperament and had the ability to fit in where ever we took him.
German Shepherds are highly intelligent, agile and well-suited to an active working environment. German Shepherds are used in various roles such as police work, guarding, search and rescue, therapy and in the military. They can also be found working as guide dogs for the blind. Despite their suitability for such work, German Shepherds make loyal and loving pets inside the home, they enjoy being around people and other animals.
Divon Kennels is a family run German Shepherd Breeder in Ontario, Canada, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Cavan, just outside of Peterborough.  Our German Shepherds live in a loving family environment in our country home with our horses. All of our puppies are hand raised and socialized with our German Shepherds before leaving to go home with their new owners, they are a part of our family and we would love to make them a part of yours.

Volscain Kennels

Volscain Kennels
Located near Bendigo,Vic we are only a small kennel but we pride ourselves on breeding quality not quantity and occassionally have puppies for sale. All our dogs are submitted through the GSDCA  Hip & Elbow scheme and we are proud to have been awarded the Silver & Bronze medals for our participation
We strive to breed sound character and conformation our pups are raised in a family enviroment this being most important as the majority of our pups go into pet homes.

Southernwind Kennels

Our Breeding Program is considered an Art in Southernwind, Our Males and female’s selection are based on evaluations and comprehensive research to ensure that the complement of the breeding are based on audited excellence results.
We did not create the German Shepherd history; the breed has an established, proven history from where many past well recognized breeders have shown the great success in combination of bloodlines.
The German Shepherd is a combination of traits all described in its breed standard. We all know Standards are subjective to interpretations and these interpretations are what guide each of the Breeding Programs in different kennels.
But the reality is that there is only one guideline that has to be a priority in every Breeding Program with no subjective interpretation and is Temperament and Soundness.
Not all dogs are created equal some are built with a specific strength for certain performance in common, there is the soft, sensitive dog owner, quiet, leisurely and without much energy active, there are dogs highly energy with prey instincts very high, dogs without social attraction, with social attraction, dogs that focus that other not, lines that mature faster, others are more slow.

Kidjuuk Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a noble and elegant animal whose intelligence has not been surpassed. They are the ones that fulfill our everyday life. Our shepherds have very stable and non aggressive temperaments. They make good companions and have an innate instinct for children! All our GSD used for reproduction are x-rayed and certified OFA or OVC. We have complete guarantees that extend up until the pup is 25 months old.
Our kennel is family oriented, and the socialization and motor development is of utmost importance to us. Our puppies are handled and exercised from the very first days of their life. Result, the puppies are sure of themselves and very calm in a multitude of situations. Whether you are looking for a companion and/or to participate in conformation, obedience or agility competitions, I am sure you will find what you need here!

MckinneyShepherds - Kentucky

MorrisShepherdsFarm - German Shepherds
 This is Gypsy, She will be upcoming Breeder in 2013, She has a wonderful temperment and a very loving soul.
 I have a passion for breeding German Shepherds, Ive been breeding them for 23 years. I only breed for Sound Temperment and Health and Beauty. I stand behind every dog I own. Only breed my Females once a  year. I have 2 females and 2 males in my breeding program. My dogs are apart of my family and treated as such.  Everyone of my dogs run freely in a large yard and get alot of attention and played with daily. When you purchase a puppy from me , I will be available 24/7 to help you with any concerns you might have about your little joy.

Gaines Farm and Kennels

Gaines Farm and Kennels
We train with the Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club and enjoy helping others better understand the use behind the breed. You won't find any American lines or show lines animals in our kennel. The natural drives and temperament of the German Shepherd allows them to be on of the most versitale herding dog breeds out there. When it comes to the sex of the puppy, I'm often asked which is better for a protection prospect. It depends upon the breeding, training, and how you raise it.
Litters for 2014, we are planning on spending our time training what we have in the kennel. Unlike some kennels that crank puppies out every month, we don't. Our pleasure is in showcasing the positive areas of the breed and our foundation animals.

Educator E-Collar Dog Trainer

Educator E-Collar Dog Trainer

One dog system with 1 mile range

  • Medium/large receiver (2.7"x1.7"x1.2", 4 oz) for dogs 20 pounds and larger
  • Ergonomic "stopwatch" design transmitter allows you to watch your dog at all times
  • Delivers a tapping sensation similar to vibration, but more intense, making it an effective addition to the stimulation
  • User-selectable stimulation levels from 1 to 100 with additional boost stimulus selectable from 1 to 60

  • Safe and Humane Dog Training

    Educator training collars use the lowest levels of "blunt" stimulus to improve behavior and reduce the stress of owning a dog. These are the most reliable and advanced training collars available in the world. Every Educator collar is built to the highest quality standards and is tested to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. We fully assemble each training collar and test all of our products in the USA.
    Assembled in the USA
    Stress-free Blunt Stimulation
    Educator collars use proprietary stimulation that's "blunt" not "sharp". This is less stressful for the dog, while still providing sufficient incentive for the dog to comply with your commands. Educator large dog training collars provide the highest and cleanest stimulation available to control the most stubborn dogs, even in prey drive.
    COS: Just the Right Level of Stimulation for Every Dog
    Educator has innovated the use of customized low level stimulation to achieve superior training results without placing undue stress on the dog. Our advanced COS (control of stimulation), employed with all Educator products, provides the owner the ability to finely tune the stimulation level for all the different temperaments of dogs. COS improves training results and provides a better training experience for the owner and dog alike. Dogs properly trained with Educator collars typically never vocalize discomfort, jerk their heads or experience the fear of the training collar commonly found with imported collars. The stimulation dial can be adjusted from level 0 to 100 easily and safely, without the risk of over stimulation. The patented "lock and set" feature allows the user to lock in the best stimulation level without risk of accidentally increasing the stimulation. This COS technology is accomplished by our patented voltage-to-amplitude conversion technology employed on all Educator collars.
    An Extra Boost when Needed
    For situations when you really need to get your dog's attention, there's an additional boost feature which provides more distractive stimulation. This boost level is settable between 1 and 60 on most models.
    Features - Front of Transmitter   Features - Back of Transmitter
    Fast and Reliable
    Educator has developed the most reliable and fastest wireless link in the industry. When you push a button on an Educator product, the training collar responds instantly. Only trust the best for your best friend.
    Innovative Ergonomic Design
    With its ergonomic "stopwatch" design, you don't even have to look at the transmitter, allowing you to watch your dog at all times. The transmitter also controls a tracking light which allows the user to flash or continuously light up the collar receiver for locating a dog after dark. A beeper can be turned on to help locate a lost transmitter. The waterproof transmitter even floats, so don't worry if you drop it in the lake. The convenient night blue LCD displays used on all Educator products provide the user an easy way of knowing the stimulation level in all conditions.

    German Shepherds of Munster Abbey Kennels - Maine

    German Shepherds of Münster Abbey's selective breeding philosophy is no inbreeding. We have an excellent breeding foundation chosen from Europe's finest working kennels of the French Ring sport and Schutzhund. We do not breed American show lines.
    Our kennel is designed to stimulate and challenge the mind and body, exposing our German Shepherds to everyday experiences with an abundance of toys, etc. They are kept in climate controlled, well lit, immaculate, parasite free facility. All puppies and adults have access to outdoor kennels as well as large exercise areas. They are fed a premium food and are on a biologically appropriate raw food diet.
    Environmental imprinting at a young age is crucial to a German Shepherd's proper development socially, physically and mentally. Human socialization is continuous with children and senior citizens, as well as the physically challenged.
    Our breeding stock is DNA profiled and has either been x-rayed for hip dysplasia and or certified "a" stamp, OVC, OFA or Penn Hip. Adult males range in weight from 80-95 lbs. and 24-26" at the withers. Females are approximately 20 lbs. less and 22-24" at the withers. We breed all colors except white.

    German Shepherds of Munster Abbey Kennels

    Zu Treuen Händen - Working German Shepherd Dogs

    Zu Treuen Händen
    I see the German Shepherd Dog first and foremost as a working dog, sound in mind as well as in body. I want a dog that can follow me around the fields for 8 hrs. and then go and train in the evening. High drive in work or play, but quiet and relaxed in the house. Dogs that have the nerves, drives, sound joints and health for years of service in whatever field their handler chooses. Dogs with real power and fight in protection, but that believe children were put on the planet just to play with them. A dog that truly wants to work for me and with me. This is the type of German Shepherd Dog I strive to produce.