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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cascade German Shepherds

Cascade German Shepherds 

At Cascade German Shepherds, we are focused on providing you with everything a German Shepherd should be.
We believe in breeding GSD's that complement one another and to breed for quality never quantity.
Our family has owned German Shepherds for over 20 years. We love the versatility of the breed and you will love the dogs we produce.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Shellmead German Shepherds

We are a small select show kennel and German Shepherd breeders of this wonderful breed based in Surrey, we are very proud to say that we achieved some top results within the UK and Germany and will keep moving forward to do better.  
We raise and train our dogs to the breed standard of the UK kennel club and the SV Germany, Some of our German Shepherds are and will be Schutzhund trained.  
We pay a lot of attention to detail in selecting top quality bitches and males to produce the correct type, construction, movement and temperament which is paramount to ourselves. We only use top quality dogs that have had all the relevant tests done so we don't inherit any genetic genes in our lines.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shelley's German Shepherds

Shelley's German Shepherds
Our German shepherds come from some of Germany's finest bloodlines. All of our imports are sound minded, intelligent, confident, loyal, and well socialized. They are excellent family companions, personal protection, show, agility, and working class dogs with excellent pedigrees.
We realize that many people are drawn to this breed for various reasons. This breed has a tremendous working drive. We try to nurture the dog’s temperament and focus to be great companion dogs. It is important to us that our litters go to loving homes.
We provide home raised socialized German shepherd puppies. Our German shepherd pups are smart, gorgeous and loving family companion. We feel that it is important for the puppies to have hours of interaction with people on a daily basis and to interact with the other German shepherds here at Littleton German Shepherds. We believe that socializing the pups from the start will ensure a smooth transition for the puppy and owner.
We raise our German shepherd puppies on the belief of the Critical Periods here at our Kennel.
Our dogs are truly a pack of dogs that live together and help with the puppies and keep the pack order.
It is a beautiful sight to see the dogs running in sync with one another. To seeing them rest, playing or laying around with each other.
Here at Littleton German Shepherds, it's all about our kids and our German shepherds.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Old World Shepherds

Old World Shepherds
We specialize in breeding and raising exceptional Long Hair German Shepherd Dogs and puppies for loving, responsible puppy buyers.
With a Long Hair German Shepherd puppy from Old World Shepherds, you can be assured of acquiring a healthy, well-socialized family companion that will add many years of joy to your family life.
Some of our German Shepherd pups also make wonderful therapy dogs. We breed our Long Hair German Shepherds for health, temperament, and old-fashioned conformation.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

StormCloud Long Coated German Shepherds

StormCloud Long Coated German Shepherds is located in the foothills of Kearsarge Mountain in the Sunapee Region of New Hampshire.
We offer Long Coated German Shepherd puppies for sale several times per year.
We have been raising both long coat (also known as long hair) and stock coat German Shepherd Dogs since 1993. Presently, we are breeding large mahogany red with black long coated German Shepherds which have proven to produce stunning puppies that are healthy, beautiful and have a sound and calm temperament.