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Monday, June 26, 2017

Zeal von ZES German Shepherds

We are Zeal von ZES German Shepherds, a promising German Shepherd kennel located in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. Here at our kennel we ONLY have first generation progeny of World Champion German Shepherds, with many more Champions in further generations. Offering high quality German Shepherd puppies for sale from world champion pedigrees is only the beginning of what we have to offer. In pursuit of perfection and to keep our herd dynamic, we import litters from the top breeders in the world in hopes of amassing the best and first litters of current and future World Champion dogs.
Our German Shepherds are home raised and socialized with others. This ensures incredible temperament of the puppies. We sell top quality puppies and provide a written warranty for all sales along with paperwork for full registration. Here at Zeal von ZES German Shepherds, our goal is to satisfy you with your puppy or dog.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"von Athaba' Kennels" - Herford, Germany

WELCOME to our private kennel for German Shepherds "by Athaba."We grow with our team under the registered kennel name "von Athaba" German Shepherds in Germany, the home of this wonderful dog breed.
We are a member (since 1996) and recognized kennel German Shepherd Dog (since 1999) in the ASSOCIATION OF GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG (SV) EV (founded April 22, 1899), the VDH , the WUSV and the FCI .
For several years, I am a licensed breeding supervisor in the OG Wildeshausen ( country group Waterkant 04 ) worked. Our breeding is subject to the strict regulations of the SV breeding regulations .
Our puppies are registered in the studbook of the SV and are in delivering dewormed and vaccinated (vaccination card EU). Our puppies receive race COAs (SV Pedigrees).

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Visanara German Shepherds - United Kingdom

15 years ago I decided city life wasnt for me, I had my 2 dogs in Birmingham and wanted to concentrate on showing and decided I couldnt indulge my passion and work long hours in the city, so I moved to Malvern to join the family buisiness which is Lilleybrook Boarding Kennels and concentrate more on showing and breeding German Shepherds, and so with a lot of help and advice from David and Rhoda Payne (Videx) Visanara GSD was formed.

Temperament is such an important thing to me, I want other children toenjoy the breed as much as I do  because the tempereaments are second to none, all my girls are very friendly and love to be played with, although they do like to pounce and give a big sloppy kiss!

Eisenhund Kennel German Shepherd Shepherd Training Breeding and Competition - Missouri

The goal with our breeding program is to produce high drive, high energy working dogs.  We take the very best genetics we can find to produce pups with exceptional health, solid nerves, high intelligence, and outstanding temperament.  Our pups are held to extremely high standards.  While we do not have as many litters as other kennels, we focus on quality rather than quantity.  The difference between our program and others is that all of our dogs work and train on a regular basis.  When you consider buying a puppy from us you can actually come onto the field and watch their parents work before you buy.
Training and competing is the emphasis of our kennel. 
Breeding is just a means to the end
If you want to compete at a world class level then you must have a world class dog with world class genetics.  So I try to breed the dogs that I want to compete with and that I want to protect my family.  A dog that will show aggression on the field during a trial, and then ride home in the backseat with my girls.  A dog that will sleep in bed with my child, and then fearlessly defend my home if a stranger comes to the door.

Kinneret German Shepherds - South Africa

Kinneret German Shepherds
As far as I can remember – I always wanted to have my own German Shepherd Dog. As a child this was not possible so I had an imaginary one, or I ‘adopted’ any willing German Shepherd in the neighbourhood that wanted to temporarily come home with me. Needless to say much to my chagrin, the ‘adopted’ Shepherd always went home.
Eventually, however, after many years of persistence, I was allowed to have my first German Shepherd. He was a handsome sable puppy that I saved up for and bought off a retired ex RAF (Royal Air force) dog trainer named Bill Cuthbert son. I called him ‘Lobo’ and religiously took him training to the local dog school every Saturday afternoon. By this time my love for the GSD had turned into my passion for the breed.

War Cry German Shepherds

German Shepherds
As outlined in Our Philosophy, before a breeding is planned, some essential criteria must be met in order that the puppies are healthy and display no faults that would prevent them from being shown in the conformation show ring.
Both parents require the following:
Ears standing fully erect.
Complete set of 42 teeth in a correct scissor bite.
Male dogs must have both testicles fully descended.
Correct coat length and color.
Good temperament.
Both parents must pass OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certification for both hips and elbows; this means my dogs are at least two years old before they are bred for the first time.
Both parents must pass temperament tests, such as A.K.C.'s (American Kennel Club) Canine Good Citizen (C.G.C.) or The German Shepherd Dog Club of America's Temperament Certification (T.C.).
Both parents must have an obedience title issued by the A.K.C. to prove their intelligence.  Most of my dogs have several obedience titles.  Examples of obedience titles are CD, CDX, and UD.
Each puppy comes with a complete written warranty on ears, teeth, testicles, hips, elbows, health and temperament, so should a problem arise you will be compensated for it.
I do not practice in-breeding or close line-breeding.  The health of my dogs is of paramount importance and health is sometimes affected by breeding dogs that are closely related to one another.

Kriegerblut Kennel German Shepherd - South Carolina

Kriegerblut Kennel
Our goal is to breed and raise only the healthiest and strongest German Shepherds. We are striving to breed our dogs to excel in Schutzhund, obedience, agility, working K9, SAR and still be a family companion and personal protector. Several of our dogs are certified in SAR, Police and Service field. Our Shepherds are family to us and are treated as such. We know how hard it is when conducting your search for the perfect dog and we are here to make the process a little easier for you.
Police & Sport
We certified several dogs with NAPWDA, NNDDA and APCA for area search, human remains detection and narcotics detection. Our dogs come from a long line of proven police working dogs and Schutzhund lines with name like von der Schifflache, Karthago, von Ankenr├╝tt, etc. in their pedigree.

Von Oerzonn Gearman Shepherds - South Africa

We select the most compatible bloodlines to ensure that our offspring are for the betterment of the breed. We are a small kennel and we concentrate on quality rather than quantity. We boast with 33 years' experience and, like us, our dogs are honest and sound of body and mind. Hence our motto: "to strive and never give up". They are devoted companions and protectors. If you are interested in the showing and training of a decent German Shepherd dog, please contact us,; Use the Contact form below the listing..

Ravenswood Hollow White German Shepherd Puppies

Ravenswood Hollow White German Shepherd Puppies
If you’re looking for high quality, great temperament White German Shepherds for sale, you’ve come to the right place. At Ravenswood Hollow we're committed to preserving the proud legacy of the German Shepherd Dog as Best Friend & Protector. We offer the best in blood lines and AKC registered Dogs. All our pups join their new families with a health guarantee, vet checked & having received appropriate vaccinations. Ravenswood Hollow has been a family owned farm in the East Troy community since 1967. Put our White German Shepherd breeders' experience to work for you.
Our puppies have access to a wonderful play area, with plenty of opportunity for socialization!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Vom Haus Hall

Vom Haus Hall
All of our dogs are directly imported from Europe and have certified hips. They are also titled in Tracking, Obedience and Protection. This is very important as this shows the temperament of the dog.
Breeding is very time consuming and is also a very expensive hobby. We have one goal and one goal only and that is to always carefully select each breeding with the goal of improving the breed.  Temperament and health is very important to us.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

der Ingolsta German Shepherds

We are Breeders that pride themselves on animals with Excellent Temperament.
Breeders of Quality German Shepherds Suitable for Show, Working or Family companions.
Breeders that only breed from stock that has had hip and elbows x-rayed and read by the NZVA to insure we are only breeding from quality stock.
Breeders of many Multi Excellent graded animals, both dogs and bitches.
Breeders of many Gold Medal and In Show award Winners.
Breeders of both quality Sables and very rich Black and Gold's.
Breeders that are continually seeking and importing new quality producing German bloodlines.

Deccan German Shepherds

Deccan German Shepherds
We breed our German Shepherds with the highest ranked, most demanded studs in the world. Our German Shepherd puppies are the top of the line, literally the best money can buy. They have parents with working titles, top show ratings, breed survey and hips/elbows certifications. All are 100% German and have the highest level of pedigree obtainable! Additionally our German Shepherds are registered with KCI. We do more than everyone else to make sure our German Shepherds are the best.
We are so adamant in providing World Class German Shepherds that we also import young German Shepherd puppies from Germany with pink SV papers from only the top German Shepherd bloodlines. These bloodlines include those of World Champion Parents!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CLYNALWIN German Shepherd Dogs

CLYNALWIN German Shepherd Dogs

Based in Derby, in the Midlands area of the UK..Clynalwin  is a small hobby breeder and exhibitor of German Shepherd Dogs. Our dogs are firstly pets, who live along side us in the home. 
We occasionally have puppies from our girls.  We are members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme (UKAS Accredited) and have been inspected April 2014.
All our dogs and puppies are reared using a Natural Approach, Feeding a raw diet, use of DE for worming and Nosodes vaccinations.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Witmer-Tyson Imports

Witmer-Tyson Imports
The combined experience of owners Randy Tyson-Witmer and David Witmer spans many decades. Randy has been training dogs for over forty-five years. She imported her first dog from Germany and began purchasing dog equipment and supplies from companies in Germany because of their superior quality.

David is a retired police officer with a college degree in police science. He worked with a police dog for 11 of his 18 years of active duty.

Our years of experience in dog training and police work allow us to assist you in selecting the most appropriate equipment for your training needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.
We offer three basic handler courses a year. We also offer two narcotics detection classes, one explosives detection class, one beginning tracking class, one advanced tracking class, and one canine helper class per year. To find out more about the classes and their schedules, please click on the Courses link at right.

Konkurrenzlos Kennel of Texas

Konkurrenzlos Kennel of Texas
The name Konkurrenzlos means UNRIVALED.​
Our love for German Shepherds began long ago when we had them as family pets. Their gracefulness, loyalty, and companionship is like no other. The breed is strong, yet faithful - and whether for show or for work, German Shepherds are loving.
One of the hardest parts about starting a breeding business was deciding on a name. Our dogs come from a long line of German champion GSDs, and we wanted a name worthy of their history. After much thought and consideration, it came down to how we felt our love for the breed, and the breed itself could best be described - incomparable, having no equal. In honor of the German heritage we chose the German word for unrivaled - Konkurrenzlos.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Balruggen German Shepherds

Balruggen German Shepherds
Balruggen Puppy Information
All our puppies are born in the house, we have a special whelping room ensuring that both mum & babies have the best possible care in those crucial first few weeks.
Once the pups are old enough, they begin to explore their environment, they are introduced to as much as possible during their first 8 weeks with us, whilst we give them lots of care, love and attention.
We feel that this gives puppies a great start and makes moving to their new homes far easier, arriving happy, healthy and well socialised.
If you are considering purchasing a Balruggen puppy, you must show that you can offer a stable environment and a caring, loving, forever home. 
PLEASE NOTE: We will not sell any of our puppies to people living in a flat.  All our puppies are bred first and foremost as family pets for pet homes. 
If you are interested in a puppy from Balruggen, please contact us as we may have a waiting list. 

Hall’s German Shepherds

Hall’s German Shepherds
This is our passion! My husband and I always had GSDs growing up, so it was only natural for us to get, our first shepherds, Bandit and Shiloh when we got married. While training them, and having our kids, we decided to have our first litter. After being successful with that, and meeting some really cool people, we started our business and added Jetta and Jessie. Jetta, our solid white love bug and Bandit, our black and silver male, retired in May 2014. In June 2014 we purchased Jerry, our new black stud, and Jewels, our black/red female.  March 2016 and April 2016 we decided to keep 2 females from our litters, a white shepherd named Maci and a West German lined black and red named Sammie! Our newest member, UKC champion, Avah, joined our pack.
Our dogs are like our children to us. We feed a Raw, Meat-and-Bone diet, based on the PREY Model diet (to the dogs, not the children–LOL). Our dogs are never kept in kennels or runs or kept chained–like you often see. All of our GSDs are AKC registered and our white shepherds are dual registered with UKC. All puppies come with a health guarantee, AKC registration, current shot and worming records, a microchip New Owner Puppy Manual, and lifetime breeder support.

Hinterland German Shepherds

Our dogs are bred to be mentally healthy, physically sound, intelligent, have lots of character, personality, and heart, and be livable. They are capable of almost anything. They are the most versatile of any breed. They are childproof, when raised properly. Our breeding animals are selected on their ability to learn, temperament, and of course, health background. We breed to dogs that will compliment and improve our existing stock. They are instinctively protective without being aggressive. Soundness, health, willingness, trainability, and mental stability are priorities in our breeding program. We abhor dog aggressiveness. Trendy breeding or breeding for beauty only is NOT a consideration. Our dogs do have the ability to reason.
All of our breeding stock is OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified.  Dogs of German origin are "a" stamped.  Our proven record is becoming more apparent as the years pass. Because of genetic faults in any breed, our dogs are fully guaranteed. Even by using all of the genetic screening tools available to breeders, an occasional problem may arise. We guarantee our animals because of this fact. All of our dogs are von Willebrand disease tested. They are all Temperament Certified (TC). We choose to certify their eyes of phenotypical disease. Their thyroid evaluations are normal.
We register all of our dogs through the AKC (American Kennel Club). They are permanently tattooed on their inner thigh with their AKC registration number or tattooed in their right ear for Hinterland litter identification. Our kennel is permanently registered with the SV in Germany and Schutzhund U.S.A.
Our German Shepherd puppies are bred for impeccable character, versatility, intelligence.